Friday, August 15, 2014

October Activities and Stake Music Festival

The youth in Fiji are the strength of the Church. They are being prepared in their homes, in the schools (LDS Primary School and LDS College), and in the wards and branches to lead the church in Fiji in the future. Here are a group of them singing and playing the cup game after one of our ward activities. This is the cafeteria at the college and that is where we meet on Sundays and for activities during the week. All church buildings are used in multiple ways.

This is the gym at the college and people are leaving after an inspiring General Conference broadcast on October 12 and 13. Fiji records the conference due to time differences and members view it together one week later.

 Elder LeDoux is pointing to Vuna on Taveuni island where he will serve the last two months of his mission. He is excited to be working with the people again and not be stuck in the office. He had been Assistant to the President. Elder Palmer and Elder Checketts are now the new Assistants. Elder Palmer was one of the shortest missionaries and Elder Checketts was definitely the tallest missionary in Fiji. The Lord has a sense of humor when he puts these companionships together. They were all wonderful leaders in our mission.

 Good food makes happy missionaries. This is in the mission home. Most of these great missionaries have now returned home. I hope our paths cross again sometime in the future.

 Here are the elders after their training meeting "taking over the office". Their backpacks and scriptures are everywhere. They use the phone and the computers to conduct their missionary business. There are even bike tires to take back to their villages. Missionaries either walk, bike, or drive depending on their area and their assignment. The walking elders also use the vast bus and taxi system here in Fiji.
Here are the sisters after one of their training meetings. They love this opportunity to visit with one another. Those are photos of all our missionaries on the white board grouped by zones, districts, and areas. The sister on the right is pointing to the new missionaries who are due to arrive soon.

Okay, all you ward choir directors, eat your heart out when you see all these men in this ward choir. The Fijian men love to sing and they have beautiful voices. All the choirs sing without piano accompaniment and harmonize beautifully.

The two brethren on either side of this quartet both served in Fiji on their missions: Elder Mema'ofa and Elder Deloi. The two sisters complete this Young Single Adult quartet. 
Each ward had to furnish a quartet and a choir. This is my ward's quartet (Tamavua 2nd Ward) composed of the Veikoso sisters in the center and the Solomone sisters on either side.

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