Sunday, April 13, 2014

September Trip Around Viti Levu--The Big Island

On September 2, 2013 we began a trip around the biggest island in Fiji, Viti Levu. It was a much needed break from the daily office work. Sister Limburg needed to visit medical facilities and doctors around the island so that she would know who to recommend to the missionaries when they were sick.

The gentleman above operates a little "fast food" business by the side of the road.
The big black pot is full of something yummy to eat.

There are only two cities in Fiji: Suva on the east and Lautoka on the west side of the island. This is the view from the hospital in Lautoka. Usually a separate family lives on each level of these buildings in a flat. I think these buildings are colorful and pretty nestled in this little valley.

As we continued around the island, we came to Ba and this small tourist attraction. It was closed, but we got some good pictures. This depicts the early Christian missionaries bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the villages of Fiji.


We stayed at this lovely hotel in Tavua. They had a hibiscus waiting for us on our beds. We met a lovely couple from Australia in the hotel restaurant where I had a delicious steak.

We passed through the villages on our trip around the island and saw a variety of dwellings. 

Notice the woven mat on the outside wall of this abandoned vale (house).

What a beautiful setting for this green home with the ocean view and beautiful flowering shrubs.

 The villages (koro) are peaceful places to live with relatives close around you.

 Corrugated metal is a popular building material for homes.

 Buses travel around the entire island. This is one of the many bus stops we saw.

 Another beautiful setting for a home. Vivid colors are commonly used.

Stilts protect the house from flooding rain water and 
also provide a cooler place to work underneath when it is hot.

This house looks like it has a screened sleeping porch for hot evenings.

We saw a variety of animals on and near the road.

This little foal acts like it wants to come visit.

Then turns to stay close to his mom.

And takes off with her down the road oblivious to us and our vehicle. Animals definitely have right of way.

Tethered cattle near the road were a common sight.