Saturday, May 4, 2013

Opening My Mission Call on April 12, 2013

 Posing with the Bair grandkids before I open my call.
 Dear Sister Newsom . . .
 You have been called to . . .
the Fiji Suva Mission!

What an exciting night! After waiting eight long hours, my family and I were finally able to all get together to open my mission call. We gathered at my daughter Chandy's house. Her family and my daughter Jeanine were there. We had Debbie, John, Amberlee (on vacation in California), and Paige all on four separate speaker phones. Laura and family were on Skype. Jared was working and called me about an hour later. We all guessed where I might be called. No one guessed Fiji. I immediately felt good about the call and I look forward to serving the Lord in whatever way I am needed. My main assignment will be to work in the mission office. I will be serving with a longtime childhood friend, Sister Suzanne Limburg, who will be the mission nurse. We report to the Mission Training Center (MTC) on Monday, July 8 and will leave for Fiji on Saturday, July 20.