Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Samabula First Ward Music Festival

I found from this music festival that Fijian people love music and they know how to have fun. The date is 12 September 2013.

Here are the Assistants to the President, Elder LeDoux and Elder Palmer. They were the AP's when I first arrived on my mission. They are singing the Mission Rally Song. Every companionship sings this song before they have study time each day. Here are the invigorating words:

We are marching in the service of our Lord,
Endowed with power from on high.
Armed with faith to teach His Holy Word
For the Lord is Nigh. (Chorus)

Faith's the power and obedience the price
To serve our Savior valiantly. 
Love's the motive and the spirit key.
Through eternity. (Chorus)                  

Oh, we labor in the service of God
With heart, might, mind, and strength.
Ever onward holding with faith the Iron Rod.
Ever onward forward with faith
We serve our God.

These words and music were written by Michele Bauer who was wife to one of our former mission presidents.

These three young men look like missionaries already. They sang very well. The first two are Indo-Fijian and the young man to the right is from Kiribati (pronounced Kiribas). Fiji has people from many different backgrounds, but it all works out. The English speaking wards have more diversity than the Fijian speaking wards.

The two women on either side were are sister leader trainers at the time: Sister Su'a and Sister Lavatai'. The other sister singing is Sister Vai. Her first name is Inservice. When she hurt her foot, her companion said, "Inservice is out of service."

 I tried to download the video of these men singing Abide With Me. It was beautiful, but it just wouldn't download. The Fijian people have beautiful voices and harmonize effortlessly.
I believe these children are all performing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes." Unfortunately, you cannot hear the music, but you can see how much fun they are having--and the adults too.

Sister Bhan and her daughter sang a duet with voices blending beautifully. Sister Bhan is a convert. She joined the Church over 30 years ago after she married Brother Bhan who was already a member. She is Fijian and he is Indo-Fijian. Apparently their marriage caused quite a stir in both of their families. She teaches Gospel Doctrine in Sunday School and he is on the High Council. Their daughter is single and beautiful. She teaches at the LDS College (like the U.S. high school). One of Brother Bhan's claims to fame is that he is pictured on page 144 of the Gospel Principles Manual opposite the lesson on Fasting. He is also a temple worker.

Brother Gaga on the left is the principal of the LDS Primary School and also on the High Council. He forgot his glasses and so his little daughter brought him hers to use at the podium so he could see the music. He had a lot of fun with those little glasses and had us all laughing with him.

Each of these young men enjoyed dancing their own unique way. They were having good clean fun.

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