Thursday, July 24, 2014

More Places in Our Neighborhood

These places are all within a short walk from our house. Fiji has a very hilly terrain. Our house has a hill going down behind it and going up in front of it. Then there is a hill up on one side and down on the other. There is absolutely no place that is flat. This necessitates some creative architecture and some very steep driveways.

Ravines like this one go between streets and homes everywhere. I believe that a garden has been planted in the rich brown dirt coming up from the bottom of the ravine.

If you look carefully, you can see rows in the brown earth. They call these gardens "plantations". It is definitely possible to live off the land in Fiji.

This large home, with the unfinished top floor, is built about halfway down a ravine. You can see homes in the background that are built even further down the hill. This home has not been burned on top. The black is most likely mold. Fiji has more than its share of mold due to the warm moist climate

This is one very steep driveway. This house is probably home to three or more families who all have cars. 

I love this photo. The clouds are hovering over the mountains. Joske's thumb is sticking up off to the right tantalizing dare-devil climbers. Homes roll up and down over the hills. You can see Suva Harbor in the foreground and Lami Bay in the distance.

This is a Catholic Church. I can see this church from my office window. Sometimes I can hear beautiful voices singing in this church. It is an active busy church especially early on Sunday mornings.

This is the Institute of Religion of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for our young single adult members and their friends. It is a wholesome place where young people can come and learn and also socialize and have fun. Some of them even find their eternal companions here. The missionaries assigned were Elder and Sister Tennis, but now they have gone home and Elder and Sister Peterson have taken their place. Both have been so good with the young people.

This home is across the street from ours. To my knowledge, the pink station wagon never leaves its spot on the grass.

This home is also across the street from our home. I think it is a pretty home and it has beautiful plants and flowers growing in front. The back of both of these homes goes down a steep hill.

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